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helios technical report

New built and refit for shipyard, management, owners

Showcases: Superyachtlube HLAS oilanalysis easy to handle

Shell RLA - Shell Marine LubeAnalyst Sent in list + Information: DOWNLOAD

2020-August update - 2019 August e-fuels e-diesel: helios lubeoil is looking for customers who intend to use e-fuels in future. helios lubeoil®  e-diesel is on the edge to be produced. Therefore we would be happy about an email with your intention if you will use helios lubeoil®  e-fuels in future.

2023 June

Use EAL, ECL, Bio, VGP lubes to save CO2, being sustainable, meet IMO Bio regulations with Shell Naturelle lubes + Shell Naturelle greases, as well as Kluberbio lubes. helios pure fluids are available too. 

Meet our updated and upgrades at HLAS oilanalysis for lubes, greases, fuels and more. HLAS online tools and apps are common.

2022 August

helios lubes also uses 300 L IBC (half pallet) in circulation with customer agreement. Save CO2 Energy Sustainable
helios lubes 100% recycled rHDPE canisters/ pails (unchanged dimensions) correspond to UN hazardous goods canisters with approx. 50% CO2 + energy savings, basic criterion EcoLable approval for lubricants, UN approval is with the responsible authorities it will take time what we manufacture today
Packaging of the future helios lubes buy lubricants CO2 energy saving sustainable

HELIOS HYDROGEN® offers small building H2 refueling systems for installation approx. 20 kg hydrogen storage, HELIOS HYDROGEN® Yacht Toy fuelling onboard sustainable

2022 April

Now online HELIOS HYDROGEN® more to supply, FuelCells, Cabinets, Methanol, electrolyser, H2 Fuelstation, powersupply and more

2022 March

The situation of product additive shortage and logistical changes leads to timely orders to secure quantity, prices are partially suspended or only determined when ordering with significant advance payment. Storage is not possible for us to ensure the provision. The lack of gear oil additives shows that the next availabilities are sometimes very long and may lead to massive failures in the use of all gears. Please check stocks and order from us.

Lubes manufacturer have withdrawn prices and will be announcing double-digit price increases on volume shortages and allocation in April

Further news are shortage of baseoil which is leading to pricejump and lack of most common lubes, e.g further LNG is in app 27 percent of base chemical products more than 70 percent needed for processing (source Be aware

2021 November

HELIOS HYDROGEN® and METHANOL supply or / and H2 HELIOS HYDROGEN equipment tanks and supply systems, All 48V partly with dispenser or in a "Box H2 Power Systems" scalable, or use our mobil 20" Container or and RTW supply with Methanol and or Hydrogen, FuelCell delivery and custom systems, Maintance available, Individually configured for your systems (48V) H2 HELIOS HYDROGEN® refueling, H2 HELIOS HYDROGEN® power supply, H2 HELIOS HYDROGEN® Hydrogen or Methanol or generate your own H2 HELIOS HYDROGEN® electroseur,

All other services are active, HELIOS Lubes®, HLAS Oilanalysis monitoring as well as fuels, Please note our wide range of EAL lubes.

2021 October

HELIOS lubes, High quality lubricants, in relation to the use, are primarily CO2 minimizing machines. Lubricants are exponential tools for saving CO2.

HELIOS lubes prefer CO2-reduced lubricants + coolant manufacturers, with the same technical product performance, (2021-Nov) Basically, the production of lubricants + coolants in the basic production was replaced / supplemented with many different bio / CO2-lowering components, this will lead to this shortly essential lubricants are CO2 reduced, for example already on the market today Glysantin G64 with approx. 83% CO2 saving and many more, for strong CO2 reductions there is a lack of bio / CO2 lower raw materials (note: Glysantin G64 replaces Glysantin G48)

2020 September

Ptx e-Fuels initiative and information:  

helios lubes® membership as well as H2BX with Helios Hydrogen®

2020 August 

New fuels Ptx FuelCell (FC) H2 Hydrogen grades are available. Glimse at H2 Helios Hydrogen material handling H2 FC power chain supply

Ptx: Power-to-x  (x= Liquid, Gas, Heat, Fuel, H2 or other technology) DOWNLOAD

Yes, there are different H2 grades, pressure grades, packaging, etc. available.

Yes, FuelCells (hardware) delivery available soon - new at HHH H2 Helios Hydrogen - Any Question or order your FuelCell ? Send your order to helios lubes!

2020 May

Due to Covid-19 we are well underway and save. There are some products with upgrades. Further points are price changes vs less quantities as well as changes in addtivies supply after french appitiv plant burn down. Please not hesitate to contact us.

2019 September FuelCell coolants - corrosioninhibtor - antifreeze - insulating

Superyacht Fuel Cell power source  helios is strongly involved in supply and as development parter of major coolant manufacuter. Sience, cars+trucks+busses, development companies, test site support and more More information FC coolant products -buy now

2019 July  EAL lube fluids + greases + coolants 

With helios lubeoil EAL Bio range you will get asap latest EAL coolants, lubricants fluids + EAL Grease for your Yacht. Technical performance will be the same as before but formulation will be EAL Bio Green. Try helios lubeoil® pure fluid® range, Shell Naturelle, Vickers, BASF G64 coolants and many more. Get in contact and start to change to EAL Bio environmentaly friendly performace lubrication and coolants.

2019 valid April 15th Shell RLA -> Shell LubeAnalyst new logon


2019 April (2) LNG  FUEL

LNG fuel Yachts + own power supply in ports (climate fulfilling requirements) + LNG supply  

Visit Shell Scenario site to download Detailed (9.5MB) Shell LNG Studie (german) more in english at Shell Scenarios or Shell LNG information

helios Gas Compressor Oils and Shell Marine engine oils for LNG-Diesel dual use or pure LNG use at https://Schmierstoffe.Kaufen LNG mobility

2019 April 18th: Regulation for LBG activated (LBG => LNG with bio)


2019 April (1) lube monitoring

Shell Rapid Lubricant Analysis (RLA) UPGRADE after 30 years of service to: SHELL LUBEANALYST  (effectiv 15th April 2019) New Customers may apply here RLA - LubeAnalyst


The new URL for the customer portal is
      If you are in China, please visit

 Download: Information sheet with details and descriptions

2019 March UREA AUS40

MARINE UREA AUS40 available Germany, France, Europe, Gibraltar, Singapore, Durban, Capetown, Ft. Lauderdale. Bulk or IBC/tote supply. Order here

2018 October

Ptx (Power to liquid?) e-fuels update: INTERNATIONAL ASPECTS OF A POWER-TO-X ROADMAP - World Energy Council 18th Oct 2018 (english summary)

E-Fuels vs electric propulsion -> enviromental impact, battery recycling and economy (only in german download) engerie+mittelstand issue 2018-02-October

2018 September

Your Advantage products Shell + Kluber + BASF: GIBRALTAR + Shipyard supply at Spain + France directy delivery competitive and certified as shipyard supplier e.g. Cartagena, Barcelona, La Ciotat, Monaco with helios lubeoil Yachtsupply and Yachtservices.

2018 August

Shell Marine international lube supplier and Marine online portal. We are proud to fulfill the trust of brand Marine international and national as a physical supplier and online portal support. Further RLA+HLAS analysis Services are a major customer advantage with helios lubeoil. Visit our online platform for lubricants:

International Marine Ports supply with Shell Marine. Special Shipyard contractor for lubricants, coolants and more. Contact us for your local services Shell Marine international lubes.

2018 June

ISO 9001:2015 certificate renewed valid 2020

APP Schmierstoffe lubricants yacht procurement portal.

2018 April

App LUBRICANT launched.

The App is directly linked with Use your online account with all deliveryplaces you need. VAT will be added or not; due to VAT regulation of customer and place of delivery. 

Use your account via "Internet" for more services: like online quote-inquiry individual system and settings, ReOrder any past order... and more. Come on, visit the latest superyacht supply site

superyacht app    Superyacht app

   canceled 05-2019

2018 January

Sustainability confirmed. Resource saving products, refit and newbuilt services as well as online lab and online order access for customer.

2017 August

Germany: new regulation "water-polluting substances" AwSV effectiv 01st August 2017: all pipework (industrial, machinery, etc landside) have to be double-walled pipes. No inventory protection!

Solution: helios EAL pure fluid® hydraulic fluid (ISO VG 32, 46, 68) does not have any water pollution class (nwg). Please check your machine inventory in relation to regulation.

SAVE natural resource lithium: 

In a world with the demand for ever higher performance, we already offer the fulfillment of your wishes from tomorrow. Helios FSR Revolution EP stands for the saving of natural resources; Lithium is replaced by synthetic polymers. In addition, additives are saved or achieve better effects with the same dosage. E-mobility of the society requires avoiding the degradation of natural raw materials. Helios FSR Revolution extend bearing life up to 7 times -saving lithuim, saving metall - saving energy and more - the industrial state of the art grease - future: Newest Grease Technology

For daily useage latest marine multipurpose greasehelios NEON Polymer EP+  save natural resources ORDER NOW

helios FSR Revolution EP latest grease development

2017 January

Latest grease development helios lubeoil: Marine Neon multipurpose grease and Industrial FSR Revolution Grease is saving resources, "automatic synthetic HYBRID grease", with a very high saving impact. Please contact for updating your ship and industrial plant bearings. Hybrid helios grease replaces lithium (natural) with synthetic polymer. Increase of technical specs and use time. Hybrid-grease-newest-2017-bearing grease

Regarding 2016 August: ULSD / EN 590 Diesel: there is no important fact to change! No other source will meet standards or production quantity or got a negativ enviromental impact.

2016 September

Coming up 09-2016: latest Shell Tellus S2 VX hydraulic fluids in ISO VG 15, 32, 46, 68, 100 (will replace Shell Tellus S2 V)

Preview at or

Further more GTL engine oils are on sale, US supply with new Rotella T formulation and cans will start end of 2016!!! In Europe for passenger cars already available.

Grease development; impact by accumulators:
helios lubeoil take part in "Grease meeting" regarding grades, whishes and future thoughts. Reason: Due to the high impact of lithium usage in batteries / accumulators of cars-vehicles we face high prices and in the near future the massiv consumtion of natural resource lithium. 

Taking part in development in grease we will offer a new green EAL enviromental grease and on the industrial side (marine not test yet) one Premium Grease which will cover up to 8 grades of grease and will save energy as well as extent maintance intervall from 600 h (bearing) up to 1200 h. Two test applications are running meanwhile 2450 h without severe damage or maintance.

Industrial Grease Plant: helios FSR Revolution EP

Latest Marine Grease:   helios NEON Polymer EP+

Used oil analysis lubricants will optimize consumtion and operations: visit:

2016 August

Clean Diesel, Diesel HPR, Crude Blue, Designer Fuel, Synthetic Fuel, Clean Fuel .... different names - same product?

New technologies are produced in lab test (small quantities; ca. 160 litre/day were published) in Germany by Sunfire and Audi. The US EPA got an issue and the general large producers are testing. In general the engine manufacturers and the fuel manufacturer are looking for material testing and producing. Products have to miscible with ULSD / EN 590 Diesel and todays biocomponents. There is the need to establish approvals for all user.

Details (different public sources; exemplary extracts): 

Crude Blue (Clean Diesel)
"Fuel qualities continuously developed in recent years. In addition to the increasingly stringent emission limits (Euro VI (the autor : GF-6 US / lubes CK-4 and FA-4)), the requirements for the formulation of quality fuels significantly exacerbated in particular the decarbonisation roadmaps, the increasing proportion of biogenic components and new engine concepts.
Current fuels. In addition to conventional petrol and diesel fuels and gaseous fuels (CNG, LPG) and alternative fuels of biogenic origin are treated. Since modern high-tech engines can use their potential optimally only with high-quality fuels, and the interactions between motor and fuels must always be carefully observed. Apart from functionality, compatibility with additional components (for example, heaters) and new materials is becoming increasingly important."
"Blue Crude is a synthetically produced "designer fuel" and is based on the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, the process for producing the works in three steps, explains CEO Christian von Ohlshausen (..Sunfire..): "In the first step, the electrolysis is, water is split into hydrogen and oxygen, the. second step is the conversion. in this case, the CO2 into carbon monoxide (CO) is converted. the third step is the assembly of hydrogen and carbon monoxide and the hydrocarbons, the actual energy.
"The system is therefore an energy converter," said van Ohlshausen continued. "It is current, preferably from renewable energy sources and chemicals. These chemicals can then loads up and out with the power comes an energy carrier, the one actually knows for a long time, namely hydrocarbons . " ..."

Diesel HPR (High Performance Renewable)
...California's most advanced low carbon diesel fuel Diesel HPR contains 98.5% Neste Oil's NEXBTL renewable diesel and is available at 18 locations (production Propel Fuel) across Northern California...
..."Incorporating diesel refined from renewable biomass through Neste Oil's advanced hydrotreating technology called NEXBTL, Diesel HPR meets the toughest specifications required by automotive and engine manufacturers, enabling the fuel to be used by any diesel vehicle.
Diesel HPR is designated as ASTM D-975, the standard for all ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel in the U.S., and is recognized as "CARB diesel" by the California Air Resources Board. Diesel HPR provides significant reduction in harmful tailpipe emissions, NOx emissions and particulates (PM)." ...

helios lubeoil takes part in latest refinery production information in October 2016. Blue Crude -  Clean Diesel is the major point and, of course, approvals? and sufficient production output? We keep on track and will be on your side.

2016 July

Diesel + Lubricant care analysis; important point in superyacht maintance. AGO and biocide: care power and fuel supply. Lubricants: check qualitiy status and if the correct lube was toped up. helios lubeoil provides this high tech service since decades and communicates directly with chiefs, captains and management. Fuel and Lubricant Analysis shop now!

2016 May

Shell Sirius 15W-40 upgraded to Shell Rimula R4 X 15W-40, US grade will follow:

1) Rimula R3 X 15W-40 and Sirius 15W-40 are being replaced by Rimula R4 X 15W-40, this new product has improved performance meeting the latest high speed diesel engine manufacturers requirements, it is fully miscible with both Rimula R3 X 15W-40 and Sirius 15W-40. In US ports Rotella T3 15W-40 or Rotella T Triple Protection 15W-40 may still be supplied in place of the Rimula or Sirius grades.

2) To ensure prompt delivery of RLA Sample Refill kits please allow at least 5 normal working days notice when placing your order.

helios EAL Gear Oil EP available:

helios EAL pure Gear Oil EP Bio are available in grades 68, 100, 150, 220. As pure synthetic esterbased gear oil helios EAL pure gearoil EP will meet the technical high standards as well as being miscible with other brands of same ester baseoil gearoils. Please contact us or visit

As EAL VGP synthetic hydraulic oil we offer helios EAL pure fluid® 32, 46, 68 Vist our site

2016 April

Urea 40% is available to our customers in Europe and USA East and West Coast. Production effectiv Mai 2016. Please ask for offer min. quantity 2.000 litre by RTW only.

Regarding IMO Tier III:

"IMO NOx Tier III (effectiv 01st Jan 2016)
... Ship is constructed, with an engine output of ≥130kW, on or after 1 January 2016 and is operating in the North American Emission Control Area or the United States Caribbean Sea Emission Control Area.

If other ECAs for NOx are implemented, the NOx Tier III requirements will not be retroactive. That is, if new NOx ECAs take effect (e.g. for the North Sea and Baltic Sea), the Tier III emission limits become applicable to vessels with keel-laying as of the date the new NOx ECAs go into effect..." Detailed information at IMO, Classification companies, etc.

2016 February

Testimonial to helios lubeoil Superyacht Services:

"I ... have completed my work at AZZAM in perfect good order.
Everyone is pleased and it has been wonderful.
A small note of appreciation for the AZZAM Team is seen below.

...The anticipation and daily work of placing the world's largest yacht into service has been a great pleasure, and a wonderful professional challenge.  Each and every member of the AZZAM Team has played a part in our success.

No one part is greater or lesser - a rope of many parts is the strongest - and as one, we made a team.  I have never seen a ship or yacht operate so seamlessly – with unity, purpose and calm that a visitor can actually feel.  Please, take a moment to be very proud of what you have accomplished.

You have planned, prepared and drilled for many situations and scenarios since 2013.  AZZAM operations and maintenance have proceeded in the best of good order, with results evident to all.  I know that every expectation and test has been met.  Handily.  I am certain the expectations of the Owners will continue to be met with ease and professionalism. ..."

helios Ultra-Large Yacht Services
Summary Letter from owners representative and Marine Surveyor and ultra-large yacht refit specialist 2016-Feb-17

2016 January

helios lubeoil and Shell Marine updated treaty to continue successful future cooperation. helios lubeoil is delighted to expand and deepen Shell Marine lubricants, since almost 30 years, to start in a changing world of Superyacht and Ultra-Large Yacht lubricant and RLA analysis services and meet todays requirements. helios lubeoil will supply in Europe, Gulf and US yachts, marine vessels and navys.

2015 September

LATEST helios lubeoil development VGP approved:

- helios EAL pure grease heavy BIO EP 2 for e.g. rudder (wash out test 30% normal multipurpuse grease 80%)

- helios EAL pure fluid® 32 and 46 and 68 (hydraulic and industrial gear oil)

- helios EAL pure grease EP 2 for general equipment as multipurpose grease


2015 June

bp lubricants (industrial) in Germany permanently deleted valid 2015-05-31. Conversion to helios lubricants and helios greases. Conversion list available on request.
helios VGP EAL hydraulicoils Bio and helios VGP EAL multipurpose grease Bio available. Great condition. Get your quote.

helios lubeoil became Houghton subsea fluids / lubricant partner.

2015 Feburary

Fire resitant hyraulic and pressure fluid for yacht and cruise liner fire safety equipment on board. Houghto Safe 620 is approved and used since decades in navy and ship fire safety doors and important fire systems.

2015 January

Germany AGO yachtfuel supply: Custom confirmed: NO "red" MGO or DMA for any yacht. "Red" is energytax free and only with formal custom approval permitted for commercial yachts. Ask helios lubeoil (custom approved - certified) for assistance and delivery of "Red" or "Yellow".

AGO is always yellow-clear and supplied with energytax. Commercial owners and shipyards are exempt and will be refunded by German custom on request and approval.

2014 October

Synthetic EAL (Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants) with VGP approval was equiped in of a number of new built large superyachts in 2014 by helios lubeoil.
Ask for helios pure fluid® lubricants: DIN HEES (synth). NBR and FKM seals in your machinery are useful and compatible to withstand synthetic oils and greases. Instructions for changeover available.
helios lubeoil OEM distributer for lubricants, fuels, Jet A1 since decades.

2014 April

Superyachts and Sport boats, in the broadest sense, we serve with HLAS oil monitoring or Shell RLA with helios lubeoil services for decades.  Refill box Shell RLA services by helios lubeoil. An investment due care and analysis can be extended as a management control system and a determination whether the change interval. Please pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions. In certain cases there are in consultation and approval of real time tests with close analysis rhythms of the producers. Here the system manufacturer will continue the full warranty and determine the rest with oil change donkeys and possibly parts exchange. Examination of technology for future use...

2013 October

Vessel General Permit (VGP - EAL) 2013 lubricants

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has confirmed a revised Vessel General Permit (VGP) will come into force on 19 December 2013.

The new VGP, will apply to non-recreational vessels that are 79 feet (24.08 meters) and greater in length that enter US waters. For these vessels, the VGP requires environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs) to be used in all applications that have the potential for an "oil-to-sea" interface, unless technically infeasible.

The VGP states that oil-to-sea interfaces include any mechanical or other equipment where seals or surfaces may release small quantities of oil into the sea.  The VGP specifically identifies applications that have the potential for an oil-to-sea interface as:

    -Controllable Pitch Propeller
    -Thruster Hydraulic Fluids
    -Other oil-to-sea interfaces including lubrication discharges from:
      -Paddle wheel propulsion
      -Stern Tubes
      -Thruster Bearings
      -Rudder Bearings
      -Azimuth Thrusters
      -Propulsion Pod Lubrication
      -Wire Rope
      -Mechanical equipment subject to immersion (e.g. dredges, grabs, etc)

The revised VGP requires that all vessels must use EALs in their oil-to-sea interfaces unless it is technically infeasible to use them in existing equipment. The permit does not require that vessel machinery or equipment be retrofitted to accept EAL.

For requirements related to EALs, the VGP defines “technically infeasible” as where:

No EAL products are approved for use in a given application that meet manufacturer (OEM) specifications for that equipment Products which come pre-lubricated (e.g. wire ropes) and have no available alternatives manufactured with EALs Products meeting a manufacturers (OEM) specifications are not available within any port in which the vessel calls
Change over and use of an EAL must wait until the vessel's next scheduled dry docking (consistent with the requirements of 46 CFR 31.10-21, typically at least every 5 years or sooner)

If a vessel is unable to use an EAL because it is technically infeasible, the owner/operator must explain why they cannot do so in their vessel recordkeeping documentation, and must report the use of a non-environmentally acceptable lubricant to EPA in the vessel’s Annual Report.

According to the new VGP, “environmentally acceptable lubricants” means lubricants that are “biodegradable” and “minimally-toxic” and are not “bioaccumulative”, meeting performance standards that have been defined by the EPA. For purposes of the VGP, products meeting the permit’s definitions of being an “Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant” include those labelled by the following labelling programs: Blue Angel, European Ecolabel, Nordic Swan, the Swedish Standards SS 155434 and 155470, Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the North-East Atlantic (OSPAR) requirements, and EPA’s Design for the Environment (DfE). Quelle / source: EPA National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), e.g. Vickers Oil, Shell Naturelle, Mobil EAL


2012 November



Marpol Annex IX (9)
FUEL-EFFICIENT OPERATION for shipowners and operators

helios lubeoil proposal only for yachts (not for vessels):
Guideline: save fuel / gasoil / diesel with high quality lubricants.
Changing engine manufacturer approved lubeoils there are savings in gasoil consumtion up to ca. 3% (due to wheater, etc (MTU 1 compare MTU 3.1) lab testing).
As Yacht your are supplied usually with AGO (fuelstation diesel, note: minimum flashpoint 60°C or above required). Lowest sulfur gasoil produced in Europe and USA.
Highest Cetanindex (like ROZ for petrol) most power and less consumption. No comparison to vessels!!!

Reduce consumption and save natural resources. (lubes + fuels)

Please do not add any additives or else to your AGO with the lubricity addtive is the finest.
Your gasoiltanks are regulary checked and clean. There is no need to get any "sand" off...

Superyachts are high tech units which are in the common language: GREEN Yachts!

Invest in high qualitiy lubricants to save fuel.
You will spend more budget on lubricants and analysis. Longer oilchange interval up to 1500h (depending on manufacturer).
Save even lubes in other parts with lubricant analysis services. Gain information on your lubeoil status.

But remind even if you run lube analysis there will be no garantie to avoid failures of parts.
Estimate your yearly gasoil budget and look only on 2% of it.
Saving of quantity and budget will be much higher than the invest in lubricants.

Lubricants are one of the most important items for the smooth running of your superyacht’s engine. In addition to reducing wear and tear, the right quality lubricants will help reduce fuel consumption and can make real savings in fuel and carbon costs; on average 3% of your annual fuel bill.

In short, green yachting can be achieved by simply pairing the latest machinery types with correct high quality lubricants, fuels and greases.

Lubeoil surveys will put you in the position to reduce the engine’s wear and stress. Periodic sample analysis will help you to monitor this issue and help overall maintenance plans. Your lubeoil supplier will o er online reports with sample analysis.

Ensure you:

Know your yacht’s needs
Establish your lubricant survey (LO) with each lubeoil grade regarding one engine /part. Your lubeoil supplier will establish the yachts LO on basis of your information.
Only use the correct lube for each item (engine, part or “lubepoint”).
Communicate changes of parts to your supplier.
Utilise your supplier’s knowledge to help you get the best quality lubricants, greases & fuels tailored to your individual needs.
Always ensure your supplier guarantees the delivery of original lubricants and greases in sealed packaging.
Do not mix grades, especially not greases.
Always use only those grades and viscosities according to the specs of your equipment and listed in the LO.
Build time into your refit schedule to check and update LO and check the lube storage and packing.
Don’t forget, you deserve the best possible service and the basis for good service is good, honest communication between yourself and your supplier.

Download helios lubeoil Yachting Tips as PDF


2009 March

Also released in: THE YACHT REPORT, issue 102 - march 2009

“DFP engine oil” is the latest technical solution which makes green yachting possible

helios lubeoil made successful progress with a major brand lubricant engine oil. It was tested around 3 years in ferries, busses and, of course, field tests at yachts with accompanied RLA analysis and Shell´s MPIC (Marine & Power Innovation Centre / PAE-Lab). All tests were from the beginning positive. Thank you to all owners, crews, shipyards and manufacturers to make this happen.

Today we got a perfect premium main- and auxiliary engine oil with or without Diesel Particle Filters (DPF). The main reasons are innovative changes in the formulation of the lubricant. These days we are awaiting decisions of our major brand partner how the DPF engine oil Shell Rimula R6 LM 10W/40 will be best presented to the yachting industry. It is important to use AGO gasoil (low sulfur) or EN 590 Diesel.

After an important meeting at Shell´s MPIC Hamburg, Germany, some yacht´s engine oil was changed at once within two weeks. Technical and economical advantages are significant.

Please send an email to or for product details.


Details of operation and testing:

A particulate trap has a dramatic impact on the type of lubricant that can be used in an engine. While it acts as a filter to catch carbon deposits, which are then burnt off, many of the metal-containing additives found in traditional lubricants will cause blockage. Over time, this can cause a build up of pressure in the engine, higher fuel consumption and subsequent breakdown unless the trap is cleaned or replaced. Operating under such conditions will mean a vehicle has to come off the road more frequently, with associated downtime and maintenance expense.

The lubricants industry has therefore been challenged to meet new OEM requirements in developing products with minimum metal, phosphorous and sulphur content. To meet this challenge, the major lubricant manufacturer conducted four years of extensive research and development. Working with customers and across a global network of development laboratories, the “DFP engine oil” was created to specifically meet the challenge of lower emission engines and reduce the problems associated with exhaust gas after-treatment.

Independent controlled tests and major field trials with several leading operators, including a major German bus company, show that “DFP engine oil” Shell Rimula R6 LM 10W/40 offers the strongest performance profile in the market, satisfying a demanding combination of performance specifications covering the requirements of past, present and future European, North American and Japanese engines. (European specifications are ACEA E6, ACEA E7, MB 228.51, MAN M3477, MTU Category 3.1; North American specifications are API CI-4, Cummins CES 20077, Mack EO-M Plus; Japanese specifications are JASO DH-2) -

Shell Rimula R6 LM 10W/40 has been firmly proven to have the capability to make significant cost savings for customers due to the combination of protecting the engine and the exhaust after-treatment device, resulting in long term and reduced maintenance costs, enabling engines to remain in service for the maximum amount of time, a fundamental factor for success for yacht operators.

Please do not hesitate to run your yacht economical and “green”.

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