Lubricant supply and delivery
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Lubricants and fuels are the most important issues to run your ship, besides building it and having comfortable services. In case lube and fuel supply places are same hubs, please have a look at helios fuel supply.

helios lubeoil® starts working with owner representatives, shipyard and management. On time grades and environmetal approved lubricants will save resources and will reduce carbon footprint as well as saving fuel consuption up to 3%. Your dieselparticlefilters (DPF) will stay up to 3 times longer, which saves a lot of maintance and budget.

Futher details on e.g. povison cooling lubes, compressors, VGP approved grease and hydraulicfluids for stabilisers, elevator gearoils, motor- and auxilliaryoil, thruster oils and a lot more have to be looked for and a qualified lubricant survey has to be established.

All these helios lubeoil® measurements, saving resources in quanatity and enviromental approved lubes and grease, are basics which will lead in lubricant analysis system HLAS or Shell RLA. This attended yacht lifetime system will extend interval of changes and most important early warning system before major damages will take place. Repair and maintance costs will be saved. But there is not a hundert percent garanty that all future wear and damage will be shown in time.

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Superyacht lubricant analysis HLAS and Shell RLA follow

Tender oil analysis will be found here.

Lubricant supply and delivery

helios lubeoil® supplies and delivery all lubricants in Europe and USA FL and CA on request of owners, yacht managemts, shipyards. Delivery will be made due to order of lubes pumped by RTW, totes / IBC, drum or pails. Delivery will be made directly on yachts and vessels.

Sent your inquirylist to helios lubeoil for Europe info <at> helios-lubeoil. de and US mail <at> helios-lubeoil. us. Please note that US notice is up to three weeks on certain grades.

New construction and
New buildt yacht and vessel service

Further delivery: bulk, drums, pail lubricant brands BASF, bp, Castrol, helios, Kluber, Mobil, Texaco, Shell, Vickers and more

VGP approved lubricants and greases at helios lubeoil