Shipyard Supply
since 1919 on clients request

New Built and Refit Supply Shipyards

helios lubes® + coolants + HYDROGEN + Methanol meets the needs of the shipbuilding, oilfield, industrial, dredging, offshore + marine repair industries worldwide since 1919.

Exclusiv HELIOS HYDROGEN® supply refuelling systems (static and mobile), Hydrogen 3.0 or 5.0 or Methanol distribution delivery for Shipyards in Europe

Lubricants Germany helios lubes

European + Abroad, Based in Hambug - Germany - Rendsburg - Kiel - Bremen - Bremerhaven major shipyards, YachtManagement, YachtsNeeds, YachtCrew, Owner are servered as OEM lubricant, coolants, oil analysis as well as fuel supplier.

Direct production of brand lubes + antifreeze + coolants, added with some own warehouses we serve almost all shipyards in Europe. Shell Marine lubes, BASF, Glysacorr, Glysantin, Mobil lubes + some helios lubes® branded Marine Lubes Solution and Marine Greases, + other brands e.g. Vickers Marine, Kluber, AdBlue or helios Urea AUS40 pure fluid® and more high quality products are available.

Supply of Diesel fuel (EN 590 - ULSD), Super, JetA1, as well as alternative Ptx fuel for H2 FCell propulsion, with H2 engine lubes, H2 FC coolants, Ptx fuels.

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